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Digital Theatre Premium Events

What's Unique. What's Now.

A rich, new experience for streamed theatre

Exclusive & unique time-limited experiences

Each Digital Theatre event is unique. They may be streamed live or be online-only exclusive performances; they may have interviews, pre and post-show content or director’s commentary. Whenever you watch an event on Digital Theatre, you can be sure you’ll experience something completely singular, unlike anything else.

Your ‘Virtual Backstage Pass’

Some productions offer the chance to go beyond the typical theatre experience. Be taken backstage for unique ‘behind-the-scenes’ experiences, meet the cast and creatives and discover how the production is made. This is your ‘Virtual Backstage Pass’.

Watch on your TV, computer, tablet or phone

Like all Digital Theatre streams, you can watch our events on your TV, tablet, laptop or phone. You can watch them on the go, or from the comfort of your own home. For more information about how you can watch productions on Digital Theatre, click here.


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